Turkey Turkey Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Setting up of the Children's Rights Unit

Jale nur Sullu is contributing to the ONE in FIVE Campaign - a pan-European campaign coordinated by the Council of Europe - as an elected representative from « Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality »

Setting up of the Children's Rights Unit

boussole ESKİŞEHİR Metropolitan Municipality
public Those working to protect children's rights
Category : Global strategy, Type of initiative * : Policies and strategies

ESKİŞEHİR Metropolitan Municipality has established Children's Rights Unit (CRU) by 2011 to enhance rights-based activities in respect to physical, mental and social development of 0-18 age in familiy and society. Besides, there is a Child Council in the Municipality.

The Children's Rights Unit organizes trainings and project management in cooperation with Ankara Branch of International Children Center. The Unit signs international pacts made in every field of children’s rights by bringing them into agenda of the Council.

Within the framework of Convention on the Right of the Child; awereness raising on children by some trainings of children's rights, organising meetings with NGOs to increase awareness concerning children’s rights, making some supportive gatherings with the council of children to empower children in decision making process, training children about their own rights with the game methodology in the very guidance of 'Pusulacık’ which is designed as an interactive book of human rights are some of the main activities of Children's Rights Unit of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality.

The Unit aims to include participation of children in decision and policy-making fields of the Municipality. It is planned to keep the combat sexual abuse and exploitation against children with training and dissemination activities of the Municipality

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