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Greece Greece Municipality of Dirfion-Messapion

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Municipality of Dirfion-Messapion

Euboea (Evia) is one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the administrative region of Central Greece. It consists of the islands of Euboea and Skyros, as well as a 395 km2 area on the Greek mainland. Its land area is 4,167.449 km², whereas the total land area of the municipalities actually on the island Euboea is 3,684.848 km², which includes that of numerous small offshore islets (Petalies Islands) near Euboea's southern tip.

Dirfys-Messapia (Greek: Δίρφυς-Μεσσαπία) is a municipality in the central Euboea regional unit, Central Greece, Greece. It was formed in 2011, in the context of the “KALLIKRATIS” self-government reformation programme, by the merge of the former Municipality of Dirfion and the former Municipality of Messapion. The seat of the now merged Municipality of Dirfion-Messapion is the town of Psachna. The region has a population of 19,067 (“DE FACTO population”, according to the latter census in 2011) with a high percentage employed in activities related to agriculture in the Psachna plain.

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19067 inhabitants