Czech Republic Czech Republic

Local/Regional authorities

City of Brno

Brno is the second largest city of the Czech Republic.It is political,cultural and scientific centre of the South Moravia Region.City of Brno is the statutory city.It is divided into 29 city districts.The supreme body of the City of Brno is the 55-member General Assembly, ... Read more »

Olomouc Region

The Olomouc Region is situated in the central and northern part of Moravia. The total area is 5,267 square km, which is 6.7% of the total area of the Czech Republic. In terms of size it is a somewhat smaller region in the context of the Czech Republic, ranking eighth ... Read more »

Region of Jiho?eský Kraj

Department of Child protection

- Manages and controls the execution of state administration in the field of socio-legal protection of children in the region
- Methodically led by social workers at the bottom and creates for them methodological materials
- Introduces ... Read more »

The Municipality of the capital city Prague

The Capital City of Prague is a metropolis that is comparable to other European cities. This significantly cultural, social, educational and institutional centre of the Czech Republic also provides major challenges in the form of socially undesirable phenomena. Despite ... Read more »