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Czech Republic Czech Republic Region of Jiho?eský Kraj

« Region of Jiho?eský Kraj » is contributing to the ONE in FIVE Campaign - a pan-European campaign coordinated by the Council of Europe « Partner city »

Region of Jiho?eský Kraj

Department of Child protection

- Manages and controls the execution of state administration in the field of socio-legal protection of children in the region
- Methodically led by social workers at the bottom and creates for them methodological materials
- Introduces social workers, mandatory procedures and new methods of work and possibilities of application in case work with clients and their family
- Provides prevention and consultancy in the field of foster care
- Gives opinions for the court's decision in the proceedings on the child in foster care or adoption of a child under the provisions of § 18 of Act no. 359/1999 Coll., on social and legal protection of children
- Collaborates with the Office for International Legal Protection of Children, with the relevant State authorities and institutions with non-governmental organizations that have the responsibility of protecting children
- Performs professional assessment for the purpose of arranging adoptions, foster care and temporarily foster care
- Ensures the training of suitable individuals to become adoptive or foster parents to adopt the child

- Provides meetings with foster families and consultation on foster care
- Decides on the state's contribution to finance equipment for facilities for children requiring immediate assistance
- Analyzes and evaluates the performance of SPOD with regard to quality and ethics, with results of individual social workers, the council and MLSA
- Regularly collaborates with relevant departments of MLSA
- Deals with complaints, notifications and suggestions of citizens in the field of socio-legal protection of children
- Issues, withdraws and keeps records and controls of the activities of persons who have been granted authorization to perform child protection
- Are dealing with questions and comments of municipal workers, orphanages, nursing homes, facilities for children requiring immediate assistance and educational institutions related to the socio-legal protection of children
- Performs other activities within the job description of the regional office and their professional classification


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