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Portugal Portugal Municipality of Abrantes

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Municipality of Abrantes

Abrantes is situated in the center of the mainland of Portugal and has a surface of 713.49 km2 and around 39 362 inhabitants (INE 2011). The municipality is a transition point from different areas, such as Ribatejo, Beira Baixa and Alentejo. This position led to many influences that are reflected in the local culture, a fact that gives the municipality of Abrantes such a unique and divers character.

The neighboring municipalities are Sardoal and Vila de Rei in the North, Mação and Gavião the East, Ponte de Sôr and Chamusca in the South and Constância and Tomar in the West.

Abrantes belongs to the district of Santarém and the Middle Tagus, which is part of the NUT II Central Region.

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39362 inhabitants