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Portugal Portugal Municipality of Penafiel

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Municipality of Penafiel

The municipality of Penafiel has a surface of ??212.2 km2. The landscape was formed by the rivers Douro, Tamega and Sousa which flow around the municipality. The municipality is divided in 28 parishes and has more than 72 000 inhabitants (338.4 inh./km2). It is integrated in the urban community of Vale do Sousa and is part of the region Tamega (NUT III).

The landscape is green and fertile, meadows, fields and vineyards characterize the landscape as well as pine and eucalyptus forests.

The population density is high and even distributed. Many small units of industry and commerce are spread over the municipality as well as modern living areas. The municipality has a high number of commuters, which leads to an intense traffic volume.

The main employers in the municipality of Penfiel are the mining industry, the construction industry and trade services. The tertiary sector is very strong in the municipality, because it was the only town in the district, except of Porto, for 200 years.

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