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Portugal Portugal Municipality of Odivelas

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Municipality of Odivelas

The Municipality of Odivelas is located in the Lisbon region (NUTS II which is historically called Estremadura Province) and in Great Losbon (NUTS III). The municipality is subdivided into four parishes (Pontinha - Famões, Póvoa de Santo Adrião - Olival Basto, Ramada – Caneças and Odivelas). The municipality of Odivelas has a  surface of 26.4 km2 and a population of 144 549 inhabitants (INE, 2011).

The municipality of Odivelas is part of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. In former times the municipality was very rural and characterized by low population density. Today the municipality has roughly 46 times the population density of the Mainland and 11 times population density of the Metropolitan Area Lisbon. These figures reflect a predominantly urban county.

The geographical location of the county has positively influenced the evolution of the business sector and the economic growth.

The mission of the municipality of Odivelas is to reduce social inequalities, foster a more inclusive society, ameliorate the conditions for teaching and learning, promoting educational success, ensure a dynamic and competitive business environment, pleasant public spaces and environmental sustainability and bring new fields of knowledge and technologies to the service of all.

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