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Czech Republic Czech Republic Olomouc Region

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Olomouc Region

The Olomouc Region is situated in the central and northern part of Moravia. The total area is 5,267 square km, which is 6.7% of the total area of the Czech Republic. In terms of size it is a somewhat smaller region in the context of the Czech Republic, ranking eighth among the 14 Czech regions. The Olomouc Region borders Poland to the north (a 104 km border), while other regions surrounding the Olomouc Region are the Moravian-Silesian Region (to the east), the Zlín Region and South-Moravian Region (south) and the Pardubice Region (west). Geographically, the region is divided into a mountainous northern part, with Prad?d as the highest mountain (1,491 m above sea level), while the southern part of the county is composed of the Haná lowlands. The lowest point in the region is situated along the Morava River near Kojetín in the district of P?erov (190 mabove sea level). In the Olomouc Region, agricultural land spreads over 279,086 hectares, i.e. 53% (cf. 53.5% in the Czech Republic) of the area of the region. There are also
large forest areas (34.9% of the total area of the region), especially in the northern districts of Jeseník (59.6%) and Šumperk (48.5%). The Olomouc Region is administered by the Assembly, which is authorized to decide in matters vested under its independent competence. In matters of the delegated competences, the Assembly only makes decisions where stipulated by law. The Assembly, the only regional body defined in the constitution, has direct democratic legitimacy based on public elections. Within the structure of regional government, it is considered the main authority, superior to all others.

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