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« Brave Phone » is contributing to the ONE in FIVE Campaign - a pan-European campaign coordinated by the Council of Europe « Partner association »

Brave Phone

Brave Phone is a non-government, non-profit organization established in 1997 aiming to help and protect abused and neglected children and implementing preventive activities in direct work with children, their parents and professionals in order to manifest child’s basic legal rights for life and protection.

There are currently 9 different programs ran by the organization (Child helpline, Children’s house Borovje, Volunteer Management, Counseling center for parents and children, Violence prevention via Internet: Safer Internet, Children’s Board of Brave Phone, E-counseling, Student Counseling and Peer to Peer support) which constitute the basis of direct work with the targeted group. Brave Phone organized and participated in numerous public events raising public awareness about child abuse and neglect and was actively involved in research, education and professional writing.

Thus far, over 1300 professionals have directly collaborated with children and parents and contributed to prevention of child abuse and neglect in Croatia. We print 18 000 copies of educational material a year, which are then distributed to program and project users as well as professionals working with children. Organization’s professional team, along with the direct work, actively conducts scientific studies (violence among children, incidence of abuse in childhood, children’s experience while using Interne

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