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« Intervida » is contributing to the ONE in FIVE Campaign - a pan-European campaign coordinated by the Council of Europe « Partner association »


Established in 1994, Fundación Intervida is an international cooperation for development NGO which acts locally with communities to promote sustainable social change by improving the living conditions of vulnerable populations, especially children, and by acting upon the causes of poverty and inequality. Intervida achieves sustainable changes over a medium term in the areas where it acts through the efficient management of resources, the active participation of the community and the involvement of public institutions.
The aim of Intervida is to accompany the processes of development within the communities and to advocacy on the promotion and protection of the rights of the most vulnerable, especially children. We aspire to obtain results in the effective exercise of the human rights and a sustainable capacity building, for the enjoyment of freedoms and the elimination of poverty and inequality.
Intervida pursues two main goals: to improve the access and the quality of education and to foster the improvement of health conditions, in both cases by facilitating the access of the vulnerable children and their families to the public systems. The protection of the children against all forms of violence is a crosscutting principle.

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