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Training course for main stakeholders in the fight against sexual violence, abuse and exploitation of children

Amicale du conseil de l'europe

In December 2013, Liverpool Safeguarding Children Board organised a training seminar for major stakeholders. 

The aim of the training was to increase participants awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation as a form of sexual abuse and to enable the stakeholders to identify vulnerability and risk factors.

At the end of the seminar, participants would:

•Have an understanding of the definition of Child Sexual Exploitation
•Recognise typical indicators of sexual exploitation in children and young people
•Have an understanding of the Grooming Process
•Understand the vulnerabilities that lead to Child Sexual Exploitation
•Be able to identify Children and Young People who may be at Risk
•Be clear on how, when and why to share information
•Discuss ways in which to communicate and engage with vulnerable young people
Sessions were organised on:
  • CSE in Liverpool by Nikki Owens, CSE Coordinator
  • The Police response to CSE in Merseyside by John Rooney, Police Missing Person Coordinator
  • Liverpool Safeguarding Unit by Siobhan Sullivan and Ian Bowden
  • Action for Children, Liverpool Young Runaways by Lesley Stopforth and Gaynor Little
  • Lorraine Wood Centre Manager and Independent Sexual Violence Advisor from the RASA (Rape and Sexual Abuse) Sefton Centre
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