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Collectivités territoriales

Büyükçekmece Municipality

"More Modern Büyükçekmece, Happier People from Büyükçekmece"
Büyükçekmece Municipality was established as a township. It has been well-known of it’s agricultural and touristic potential. It showed a huge development in the 1980s and it’s population grew ... Lire la suite »

Eski?ehir Metropolitan Municipality

Eski?ehir Metropolitan Municipality is a leading municipality with its great improvements since 1999.
Eskisehir with its population of 756.000 is Turkey’s model city in terms of being Anatolia’s Capital of Culture and Art, having an eco and city-friendly transportation ... Lire la suite »

Eski?ehir Tepeba?? Municipality

As Eski?ehir, we have the honor to be as the second livable city in Turkey. Besides, as Tepeba?? we are part of World Health Organization Healthy City Network and its sustainable urban health movement, aiming to improve physical, psychological and environmental welfare ... Lire la suite »

Seferihisar Municipality

Seferihisar is located within the borders of ?zmir in the Aegean region. The oldest settlement on Seferihisar district grounds is Teos, thought to be a Carian city, established by Cretans that escaped from the Akas in 2000 B.C. Among Seferihisar’s strong points are ... Lire la suite »

T.C Keçiören Belediyesi

Keçören is not only one of the largest municipal districts in Turkey, but it is also a leading municipality in terms of development, innovation and progress. Our goal is to offer the best quality and most up-to- date services to our residents. Administratively, we are ... Lire la suite »

Associations / Organisations

Fethiye Çocuk istismarlar?n? Önleme Derne?i

Ngo fighting for preventing child abuse and neglect

International Children's Center

The International Children's Center (ICC) was jointly established by the Government of France and UNICEF in 1949 in Paris in order to train and to support pediatricians from developing countries and to facilitate discussions on priority issues in child health. Even though, ... Lire la suite »