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Collectivités territoriales

Land Tirol

The Land Tirol is one the nine Federal States of Austria. It's a region with legislative power with its own Parliament and Government.

Mag. Karl Wilfing, Minister for Youth in the Government of Lower Austria

The province of "Lower Austria" is one of 9 provinces of the Republic of Austria. Austria ratified the Council of Europe`s Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse ("Lanzarote Convention") on February, 25th, 2011 and it entered ... Lire la suite »

Associations / Organisations

Gewaltschutzzentrum Burgenland

The "Gewaltschutzzentrum" is a Violence Prevention Centre which supports and give protection for the victims of violence and sexual abuse. We give free counselling and assistance, including free assistance during the court proceedings (accompanying the victims to questioning ... Lire la suite »

Kinderschutzzentrum Salzburg

Le "Kinderschutzzentrum" (centre de protection de l'enfant) est une organisation privée fondée en 1987. L'objectif principal: la protection et l'assistance aux enfants en cas de violence ou d'abus sexuels. Nous donnons des conseils et un traitement à 1.200 clients ... Lire la suite »