« T.C Keçiören Belediyesi » contribue aux dimensions locale et régionale de la campagne UN sur CINQ - une campagne paneuropéenne coordonnée par le Conseil de l’Europe


Keçören is not only one of the largest municipal districts in Turkey, but it is also a leading municipality in terms of development, innovation and progress. Our goal is to offer the best quality and most up-to- date services to our residents. Administratively, we are focused on our residents needs. Keçiören Municipality manages its challenges in a timely fashion, generating effective and creative solutions with forward movement and an eye on the future, and delivering its services to everyone equally and honestly.
With its location, dedicated green spaces, and many structures that are a focus of interest, Keçiören is a town that possesses numerous areas of interest that will attract anyone2s attention. Our greatest dream is to make Keçiören capital of culture where future scholars, thinkers, artists and collective hope for a better tomorrow will bw nurtured. We carry a dream of a prosperus Keçiören for our youth and children as well. The fist steps towards making our dream come true for all of our residents have already been taken: we have multiple cultural and educational centers which serve both children and adults, sports venues and facilities, parks and other green areas, environmental and infrastructural planning, schools,hospitals and numerous other inventive projects. These tangible resources together with a culture of innovative leadership reassure us that Keçiören is already becoming a city of tomorrow.

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