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Des recherches juridiques sur les droits des enfants

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250 étudiants de 23 pays 

Throughout the year 2012, 250 students coming from 23 countries researched on the national implementation of European and international instruments protecting children against violence and sexual abuse. The project resulted in a final report compiling national data on the different definitions and legal approaches, which will be published on the 20th of March 2013.


The research started in spring 2012 and lasted until the end of October 2012.
National Research Groups developed their research on the same academic framework, consisting of more than 130 questions.

The structure is the following:

I. Introduction

1. General
a. Equal Rights
b. Family Protection
c. Child Protection
2. The Lanzarote Convention

II. National legislation

1. General Principles of Jurisdiction
2. Substantive Criminal Law
a. Sexual Abuse
b. Child Prostitution
c. Child Pornography
d. Corruption of Children
e. Solicitation of Children for Sexual Purposes
f. The liability of legal persons
g. Aggravating Circumstances
h. Sanctions and Measures
3. Criminal Procedure
a. Investigation
b. Complaint procedure
4. Complementary Measures

III. National policy regarding children


International Coordination Team

In order to manage the ELSA for Children Legal Research Group internationally, ELSA International appointed an International Coordination Committee, led by an International Coordinator.

The Committee coordinated the work and communication of all parts of the ELSA for Children Legal Research Group, supporting National Research Groups in planning and executing their work, as well as cooperating with legal professionals in ensuring high quality in the results of the project.

International Coordination Team Members
Cassandra Fernandes, Elif Yildirim, Federica Toscano – Academic Coordinators (communicating with National Coordinators and the Academic Advisory Board, together with Advisory Board developing the Academic Framework of the research, keeping track of the on-going research in the NRGs)

Asja Boric – Outreach Coordinator (finding academic resources for the project and promoting the research opportunities within the Network)

Lukasz Hnatkowski, Khrystyna Brodych – Fundraising Coordinators (working on external resources for the project)

Vasco Silva – International Coordinator (general coordination, public relations)

Feel free to contact the Team in! When contacting the Team, please indicate to whom or which area of coordination you wish to reach.

23 National Research Groups

The ELSA for Children Legal Research Group involved 23 National Research Groups, each with up to 10 National Researchers. The National Research Groups were led by National Coordinators from each country, working on collecting the research results and on communicating with other parties involved in the research. Each National Research Group will be supported by a National Academic Advisor.


National Coordinators

1. ELSA Bosnia and Herzegovina – Asja Boric (
2. ELSA Croatia – Marko Dolonec (
3. ELSA Estonia – Natalia Aleksejeva
4. ELSA Finland – Laura Päivinen (
5. ELSA Germany – Tino Boche (
6. ELSA Greece – Eirini Karachristou (
7. ELSA Ireland – Aine Groogan (
8. ELSA Italy – Marzia Carla Iosini
9. ELSA Latvia – Domenico Grazioso (
10. ELSA Malta – Gabrielle Tabone
11. ELSA Norway – Olav Vogt Engeland
12. ELSA Poland – Alicja D?uryk (
BarbaraMarlewska (
13. ELSA Portugal – Daniela Marques Cardoso (
14. ELSA Republic of Macedonia – Ana Velkovska
15. ELSA Romania – Sonia-Stefania Vigdorovits (
16. ELSA Russia – Svetlana Vasileva
17. ELSA Slovak Republic – Kristína Jakubíková (
18. ELSA Slovenia – Eva Kmetec
19. ELSA Spain – Sara Sanz Aldea (
20. ELSA Sweden – Josefine Petersen (
21. ELSA The Netherlands – Sahar Nasiri
22. ELSA Ukraine – Yana Ballod
23. ELSA The United Kingdom – Natasha Shotunde (

Academic Support
Every national Research Group was supported by National Academic Advisors, to ensure the quality of the

Final Report

The ELSA for Children Legal Research Project aim to ensure a consistent approach in order to facilitate high quality legal comparison in the field of children’s rights. Moreover, involving students, academics and professionals, ELSA contributed to raise awareness on the problematics in this field.

The results of the ELSA for Children Legal Research Group were published on the website of the “ONE in FIVE” campaign.


Panel Discussion

ELSA organised a panel discussion concluding the “ELSA for Children“ Legal Research project. Within the frame of the Council of Europe ONE in FIVE Campaign to stop sexual violence against children, 250 researchers analysed the situation in 23 European countries. The Panel Discussion was hosted by Ms Elena Oana Antonescu MEP (EPP, RO).

Keynote speakers

  • Ms Elena Oana Antonescu, MEP – EPP, RO, Host of the Panel Discussion
  • Mr Eric Ruelle, Chair of the Lanzarote Committee
  • Ms Margaret Tuite, European Commission coordinator for the rights of the child
  • Ms Cathrin Bauer-Bulst, Policy Officer, European Commission, DG Home Affairs
  • Mr Francis Herbert, Secretary General of Missing Children Europe
  • Ms Cristina Goñi, Secretary General, International Juvenile Justice Observatory
  • Mr Humbert de Biolley, Deputy Director of the Brussels Office of the Council of Europe


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