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Collectivités territoriales

City of Tilburg

Tilburg is a landlocked municipality and a city in the Netherlands, located in the southern province of Noord-Brabant. Tilburg municipality also includes the villages of Berkel-Enschot and Udenhout. With a population of 210,289, it is the second largest city of Noord-Brabant, ... Lire la suite »

Municipalité d'Almelo

Almelo est une municipalité dans la partie de l'est des Pays-Bas.

Province of Noord-Brabant

North Brabant, also unofficially called Brabant since 2001, is a province of the Netherlands, located in the south of the country, bordered by Belgium's Antwerp and Limburg provinces in the south, the Meuse River (Maas) in the north, Limburg in the east and Zeeland in ... Lire la suite »