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« Seferihisar Municipality » contribue aux dimensions locale et régionale de la campagne UN sur CINQ - une campagne paneuropéenne coordonnée par le Conseil de l’Europe « Collectivité partenaire »

Seferihisar Municipality

Seferihisar is located within the borders of ?zmir in the Aegean region. The oldest settlement on Seferihisar district grounds is Teos, thought to be a Carian city, established by Cretans that escaped from the Akas in 2000 B.C. Among Seferihisar’s strong points are its famous mandarins, its sun, rich geothermal and wind energy resources, and historical riches. The reason behind the fact that the unplanned development on the Aegean and Mediterranean shores has not effected it is that archaeological sites and military zones surround Seferihisar.

Seferihisar Municipality is a local authority. Municipality works on the "Child Friendly City Project" which is advised by UNICEF. There are different type of projects and activities to raise awareness of children rights:
- Children Municipality Organization (more than 1000 children are member of Children Municipality)
- Children Rights Meeting (every 20th November)
- Children Rights Playground

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