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Portugal Portugal Câmara Municipal da Amadora

« Câmara Municipal da Amadora » contribue aux dimensions locale et régionale de la campagne UN sur CINQ - une campagne paneuropéenne coordonnée par le Conseil de l’Europe « Collectivité partenaire »

Câmara Municipal da Amadora

Amadora municipality is a local authority whose powers are statutory, highlighting the support activities of local interest such as: Decide on the forms of support to entities and legally existing bodies, including in pursuit of works or events municipal interest, and the information and rights of citizens; Support or reimbursed, by appropriate means support the activities of municipal interest, social, cultural, sporting, recreational or other; to participate in providing services to strata socially disadvantaged or dependent, in partnership with the relevant authorities of the administration central, and provide support for those social strata, by appropriate means and in conditions in the municipal regulation; Decide on school social particularly with regard to food, accommodation and allocation of economic aid students; Ensure adequate support to the exercise of jurisdiction of the State under defined by law; To decide on the participation of the municipality in projects and decentralized cooperation operations, particularly within the EU and the Community of Portuguese speaking countries. The three major strategic objectives of the Municipality for 2013 are: promoting social and urban cohesion of the city; strengthening the competitiveness of the city within the region; modernizing municipal management, promoting the quality of services provided and the approach of the city council to citizens. It is in this framework have been designed and developed the sectorial policies in urban areas and the urban environment, education, housing, vocational training and qualifications for young people and adults and creating new social responses, applying, where necessary, measures of positive differentiation in order to optimize the results at the level of social and territorial cohesion of the city.

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