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Serbie Serbie Municipality of Bela Palanka

« Municipality of Bela Palanka » contribue aux dimensions locale et régionale de la campagne UN sur CINQ - une campagne paneuropéenne coordonnée par le Conseil de l’Europe « Collectivité partenaire »

Municipality of Bela Palanka

Bela Palanka municipality is situated on the pan-European corridor 10 highway, between Niš and Sofia, in Southeastern Serbia. This road is the main artery, which connects Central and Western Europe to the Middle East. Bela Palanka administratively belongs to the Pirot District.Land area is 517km2. According to the 2011 Census, Bela Palanka municipality has 12 126 inhabitants. Two protected areas cover the big part of the territory: Mt. Suva Planina which is a Special Nature Reserve and Si?eva?ka Klisura gorge, Nature Park. High mountain area makes Bela Palanka a municipality of the high-quality environment. The real development potential here lies in the municipality’s exceptional strategic position, a wealth of natural resources, good climate, many tourism opportunities and cultural heritage. Remesiana (Bela Palanka) was an ancient Roman city built on the route of ‘’Via Militaris’’ military road, between Niš and Sofia. Because of its spiritual and cultural significance Remesiana became the seat of the diocese in late 4th and early 5th centuries, as confirms by Bishop Niketa (330-410), the famous missionary and ecclesiastical writer, and author of the famous spiritual hymn “ Te Deum laudeamus“ (God We Praise You). Many cultural and sports events are organized in Bela Palanka during the summer. Dani Banice (Days of Banica Pie) is an international competition in making traditional cheese pie - banica. It is held in mid-August. This event is visited by approximately twenty thousand from the country and 5 thousand international visitors.

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